What frameworks have you worked with?

 I used Angular, Angular Material, NgRx, and ng-bootstrap. Besides Angular, I have a good hand in HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript /jQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, Node.js, MySQL, Git (bitbucket, GitHub), React.js/Redux, Typescript, Vue.js., APIs, RESTful APIs, etc. as well. I have proven experience with all of them and may provide you with samples if needed.


Describe your recent experience with similar projects


The latest version of Angular I used was Angular 12 in https://caromademo.bitbucket.io/#/ (to login, please use this password: refresh497) The project is written in Angular and along with it RxJS and Typescript are also used in the project. The aim of the project is to get the 3D model for a bathroom. It allows the users to select various elements and place them in a 3D container. A configurator is working for the 3D model.

I’ve built this project from scratch Another project of mine is https://www.iarabeauty.com/ The project is based on Angular.js, and the back is based on Node.js. The server is Pars and works on Angular. I have worked on both back and front parts․ The most challenging part was integrating the calendar connected to order reservations. I have also worked on the location part, by which the user is able to find the master he needs, have created a client page for registration that gives code for new users, by which he is able to register, and gets bonuses. Have added a search part by which the user is able to discover new trends and also add his works. And have also added other functions on all pages.

https://www.televisit.com - telemedicine platform similar to Zocdo
https://home.servcorp.com/ Web-based Community Platform
https://www.sendwyre.com/: Innovative Crypto API-based payment platform acting as a secure and compliant bridge between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrency.


Proposal  : 

I've been really happy to see a job posting 100% fitting for my skills. According to your job description, I have come to know that you are searching for a frontend developer with deep knowledge of Angular.

What version of Angular are you going to use for your project? I am perfectly versed in Angular 2 and its higher versions.

Having a full understanding of its best practices, I have crafted from scratch Angular websites making use of its most advanced features maintaining quality and pixel-perfect design and functionality. I’m an enthusiastic and dynamic AngularJS Developer with strong knowledge of responsive and pixel-perfect HTML5/CSS3, Figma, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular.js, Node.js, API Development, GITs, and other related ancillary platforms that help me in my development. I have also professionally used Figma by converting its designs into clean HTML code.

I also handled different complex components also in angular. Some of my work samples are:


 P.S: Let's jump into a Quick call for 5-10 min for a demo session. Could we set up a MEETING to have a quick discussion about your project? When would be a good time to speak with you?