Connektsolutions – WordPress Elementor Pro (UI/UX in Figma)

Connektsolutions - Wordpress Elementor Pro

Proeject overview

Martha, my referral client, entrusted me with the task of transforming her Figma design files into a functional WordPress website using Elementor | Elementor Pro. Despite committing to a three-week timeframe, I successfully delivered the completed website within just two weeks.


Martha’s Review:

“Ali was very helpful with the development of our website and kept me updated throughout the process. 10/10 great job, and my website looked exactly how I wanted it. Totally worth the investment.”


In this project, I demonstrated proficiency in converting design concepts into a fully functional website, exceeding Martha’s expectations and delivering ahead of schedule. The success of the collaboration can be attributed to effective communication, ensuring Martha was informed and involved at every stage.


The seamless execution of the project reflects my commitment to meeting client goals promptly and ensuring a high-quality outcome. Martha’s satisfaction, as highlighted in her positive review, underscores the success of the project and the value she found in the investment.


I look forward to bringing the same level of dedication and expertise to future projects, delivering results that consistently meet and exceed client expectations.

Client Feedback