What frameworks have you worked with?

- Front-End Frameworks
AngularJS ( Angular 2-8), HTML5, JavaScript, Scala, CSS, jQuery, RESTful, AJAX, Sass/Less, Ionic, Bootstrap,

- Back-End Frameworks
PHP(Codeigniter and Laravel), MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, CouchDB, PostgreSQL

Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website

I don't use GitHub as I have a private code versioning system and it is not publicly viewable due to privacy issues. You can check my website instead:

Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

A series of tests are run on the finished product with respect to its functionality to ensure the quality and functionality of the product which is being sent as the live version.

- Functional Tests
- Adhoc Tests
- Smoke Tests
- Regression tests


Describe your recent experience with similar projects

I had a great experience working with the previous clients which are evident in my Upwork profile reviews

Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

I have a QA process that I follow step by step on every project, Here is the QA List I follow every time before launching a website:

Please list any certifications related to this project

I am certified by Webflow Level 2 and am currently in the process of becoming a webflow official partner

What frameworks have you worked with?

I use the Finsweet Client First Framework

Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

We perform extensive QA testing prior to deployment which includes:
Cross-browser: on the 4 major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox)
Mobile responsiveness: across all screen sizes from Desktop to Mobile

My goal for clients is to design and develop websites or e-commerce using no-code tools. Thanks to this type of tools it is no longer necessary to be aware of the maintenance of the web, you can manage your own backend system, automate processes without the need for a developer and a long etc...