Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

Different Test Approaches: -Active and heuristic approaches -Consulting approaches -Methodical approach, which is predicated on Fail Test Cases. Improving QA: -Firstly we create Strategy and then test the Products and Applications. -Create Test Sheet -Create Test cases -When I fix the bugs, retesting is mandatory.


Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website

Due to a breach of confidentiality, I would not be able to share the GitHub repository link with you. However, once we connect with 1-1 private message, I can share it with you.


Proposal : 

I am well versed in React.js & Redux and I have tied them together with the aid of the UI binding library. I have worked with many react packages ( Babel, Webpack, NPM, NPX, parcel, gulp, require, etc. ), React atomic design patterns, React Hooks, libraries, etc. I have experience creating pixel-perfect, efficient, and test-driven code and proficiency in the implementation of UX/UI designs of any complexity from Figma.

Portfolio :

 ➤ ReactJS + .NET Projects: [Hospitality] [Meditation] [E-commerce] [Power transmission product] [Telecommunication services]

I would like to ask some questions to better understand your goals. Can I get a good time to sync?

1) What are the business objectives for the app?


3) Can you please share the DESIGN + LIST OF UI COMPONENTS?

4) With ReactJS, Using which design framework(Material-UI, Semantic UI, Elemental UI) do you want to develop components?

 P.S: Let's jump into a Quick call for 5-10 min for a demo session. Could we set up a MEETING to have a quick discussion about your project? When would be a good time to speak with you?


Ali Hassan