Based on your requirement I will definitely create a website for your Business on WIX with an aesthetically appealing, sleek and modern look and feel to catch the attention of the visitors and make the site responsive mobile friendly, dynamic and functional because I am a WIX expert and I have extensive experience in developing modern, responsive and highly professional websites for companies. So, I believe myself to be the best candidate and a great asset to your project.

For more on my skill and successfully finished jobs, please have a look at my past works. Here I am presenting you recently built websites for your review and consideration:

🧠https://www.plazamspa.com/ wix Spa and Saloon

🧠https://www.shapenetworks.org/ wix design




🧠https://www.plazamspa.com/ wix Spa and Saloon

🧠https://www.shapenetworks.org/ wix design




Here are my concerns:

1. Have you thought about how to get your new website to stand out from the crowd?

2. Do you have a logo already, or should I design it first?

3. Can you send competitors or inspirational websites that you like?

4. In terms of design, can you describe how your new site looks in your mind? How will you judge if the design is good?

I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity.

Warm Regards,


Describe your recent experience with similar projects



💻 Real Estate (Brokerages, Agents, Investors, Rentals) 

💻 Small Businesses (Construction, Cleaning, Landscaping) 

💻 Other (Blogs, Nonprofits, Start Ups) 

💻 Art and Artists 

💻 Healthcare 

💻 Entertainment and Blogs 

💻 E-Commerce (Physical Products, Online Courses, Digital Files)

Please list any certifications related to this project?

I have taken a test here in Upwork in which I scored 4.95 out of 5.0, and a Degree from the school of real world experience :)

What frameworks have you worked with?

I usually work with different frameworks some of them are below having my great expertise:

🔧 For Wix:

Velo, Editor X


🔧 For WordPress:

PHP, Laravel

🔧 For technology:

React.js and Node.js


Describe your approach to testing and improving QA

"I am using a QA Checklist on my process and I am doing manual testing based on it. It is divided into phases as follows: 

Phase 1 - Compatibility Testing 

Phase 2 - Usability Testing 

Phase 3 - Performance and Vulnerability Testing 

Phase 4 - Functional Testing"

Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website

🧠 www.timucinorhon.com



Upwork does not allow sharing of any outside profile details until the contract started. So let's connect over Upwork chat so I can showcase my designing and coding skills there.

Upwork Support: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051749534-Contact-Information-Sharing#:~:text=Yes.,until%20a%20contract%20is%20started