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Strong and quick response to the outer world is critical to your business. No matter, whether it’s a response by your customer care service, your website or anything, it should be reliable, fast and solving the real world’s problem in order to be successful. So in such sort of situation, Xacrosoft is there to help you out to make your digital presence as quick and responsive as possible.

Do you want an efficient and effective website with web pages that load speedily without any inconvenience and trouble? Then look no further! We at Xacrosoft offer you the greatest solutions for page speed optimization. Avail our excellent quality services now to truly redefine your brand and satisfy your customers!

Page Speed mainly refers to the amount of time needed to show all the content that is present on a particular page of a website. Recent studies have concluded that it should take about 3 seconds for a web page to load. Otherwise, the consumers become impatient and move away from your website. So, Page Speed is crucial for delighting your target audience and increasing your sales. Every element that is on a web page such as the code, files, images, and videos, etc. contribute to the page speed. On desktop and mobile devices, page speed is measured separately as there exist noticeable technology differences between the two platforms. This results in a completely different experience for mobile and desktop customers. The aspect of Page Speed is also essential for search engine optimization (SEO).

You don’t need to worry, as we utilize cutting-edge technology to solve all your problems. Xacrosoft is truly dedicated to providing brilliant services to its clientele. The success of your brand is our utmost concern. Page Speed does matter in having an impact on your customers. So, we have got just the right set of tools to help you improve it. We work with GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.

GTmetrix is one of the most high quality and appropriate web performance tools available for measuring Page Speed. It assesses your website in great detail, generating a performance report which is divided into five main segments i.e. Page Speed, YSlow, waterfall chart, video, and lastly, history. With this remarkable software, you can conveniently test your website from seven distinct locations and select between Goggle Chrome and Firefox. This outstanding tool is appropriate for testing across multiple forms of connections such as cable and dial-up. It also offers mind-blowing advanced features such as Adblock support and video playback. The Adblock option allows you to view how your website runs when no ads are shown on a web page while video playback is used for seeing precisely where bottlenecks to the loading of your website occur. Overall, it is an effective solution for page speed optimization and lets you monitor the activities on your website at any time of the day!  With the help of this wonderful software, you have the opportunities of visualizing, monitoring, zooming and panning, and setting up email alerts when certain circumstances take place. It is the all-in-one astounding solution for your online business!

We also make use of another spectacular website testing tool i.e. Google PageSpeed Insights. This convenient software rates your web site from 1 to 100, and a score above 85 is generally considered as highly satisfactory. Both desktop and mobile versions of this software are readily accessible. While generating a report on the performance of your website, it also offers necessary recommendations for achieving outstanding results. This handy tool measures two important aspects of the web page. First, is the time taken for the upper portion of the web page to load and the second being the amount of time taken for the full page to load. The mobile reports generated also feature a User Experience option that you can score simultaneously with viewport configuration, suitable font, button, and link sizes. A brand new speed testing tool present in the Think With Google facility displays all this useful information attractively.  All in all, it is an excellent tool for giving a clear picture of the page speed and the appropriate steps to improve it. As the tool is created by Google, continuous quality improvement is guaranteed!

Hurry up and avail this amazing opportunity now. With our skills and expertise, we can efficiently analyze your page speed, highlight the factors which are slowing your pages down, and provide you with the appropriate solutions to optimize your Page Speed! We care about the performance of your online business. So, choose us and forget all your troubles!

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