Project Description

What is?

As an owner of an AV rental company, I used paper rental contracts. I had to write down what items a customer rented, what they paid, what the deposit was, and when the items would come back. I took these contracts with me to the storage, from where I rented out the goods.”


The paper contracts became a big stack of paper. I had to remember when things would be returned, as agreed with the customer. I had no overview of what items had already been rented out.


I needed an online, digital system, so I decided to develop Mobile Rent Manager. I can operate this online platform from my mobile phone. I can quickly put the products that a customer wants to rent in a shopping cart, and set the rental period. The system calculates the rental price and a custom contract is automatically generated. This can be signed by the customer with his/her finger on the smartphone, so no PC or paper is required. The customer receives a copy of the contract in his/her email. The system keeps track of which items have already been rented out, and when they will be returned.


This system is now available for everyone. It’s ideal for any company that rents outs AV equipment, or holiday homes, bicycles, etc.