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In Today’s world where if someone needs to have any information he simply turns to Google or any other search engine.

According to a research that people find those businesses which have a website alongwith a strong Social Media Presence. Besides people have become more Mobile oriented rather than been Desktop user.

That’s why in order to ensure that your Website adjusts according to the screen of the device, your site must be a Responsive one. XACROSOFT, just like in every other digital development services, assures you quality and responsive websites development. Furthermore, our team is capable enough to just not make it a static one but also a Dynamic one as well. Our core services in this regard are

    • E-Commerce Store: The 1st and obvious service which we provide is the development of E-commerce Store using effective and Hand written code from scratch.
    • Bootstrap: Bootstrap leads the market when it comes to use any Responsive website development Framework. It consumes less space on the server and provide effective and efficient look to your Website.
    • Web Applications: We have skillful resources which could help you make your desired web application as well.
    • Interconversion: We have experienced team which is capable of converting an Image into HTML as well into a fully functional website.
    • Testing and Support: We never leave our customers in a blind alley. We are always there for them in the hours of need. We always provide Quality ensured products and services. Besides our support staff is always up to provide you the support whenever you need it.



Review of current state

Competitive review

Brand review

Content & Messaging

Review current material

Content migration strategy

New content & messaging

Website Development

Create staging instance

Front end development

Back end development

Site Launch





Assess success against goals

Review recommendations

Discuss future work


Planning questionnaire

Scoping the work

Stakeholder Interviews

UI/UX Design

Persona development

Task list creation



Design multiple site concepts

Create iterations on concepts

Design supporting graphics


Browser testing

User testing

Device testing


Onsite or phone sessions

Virtual training resources


Bug fixes

Website maintenance

Support changes


Very good company. Professional and fast. Very good customer care.

Valerio Quatrano, CEO at starecta.com, Italy

Project type : E-development

   Project Title : Indonesian Online

I needed some maintenance work and troubleshooting for my website https://indonesian-online.com and Xacrosoft managed to solve the problem within a few days. Dr. Uli Kozok – Professor at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Project type : Speed optimization

   Project Title : Optimize WP website

Xacrosoft provided a great service in our last very demanding project and got us to 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights. Highly recommended!
Nikos Mavrakis, Nikos Mavrakis, Greece

  Project type : Web development


The team at Xacrosoft did a great job sorting out our database and creating a new website. They offered great support and were always available for consultations through the whole process. Highly recommended


Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Holistic entrepreneur

Ali is a nice guy, he makes sure everything suits your wishes and he is always looking for improvement and new opportunities.

Project type : Web development

   Project Title :   Speed up my website and add SLL certificate

This company doing great job in WP and i am very happy with their services..Thanks Ali.
Evi Maalcke, Eric Chen, China

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Website speed optimization

Great to work with, persistent and completed job quickly.

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Website Development

I had the pleasure of working with Xacrosoft on a project with a very short timeline and not only were they able to provide the solution impeccably but also provide advice on how to maximize impact and improve our business operations. one of the reasons why we keep going back to them for more work. Highly recommended.
Noorulain Zafer Khan, Noorulain Zafer Khan, Pakistan

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : eCommerce site development

Great company to work with. They have always gone the extra mile in order to meet deadlines. Communication is exceptional.

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Custom Programming

We are a property management company in the USA. and we have used Xacrosoft on several occasion to help us create an Algorithm to help us sort and import complicated data into our database. His programs allow us to sort all of the data in one click when it used to take us hours to sort it out. Always available to help. Highly recommend

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Website development

Engage their service to build my word press website. Fulfil all my requirements. Would recommend to anyone that want to build their own website.
Shermen De Cruz Han , Shermen De Cruz Han, Singapore

Project type : Web development

   Project Title : Software development

This company is a very professional IT company for building personal software for business and Ali has lots of patent to guide you through all the way how to use the software, these people are very recommended to anyone looking to have a personal software for his business

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